Rachel is a Connecticut native, she graduated from Marist College in 2009 with degrees in digital design and studio art. For several years, she has devoted herself to a career in advertising, and has recently turned back to her passion for traditional art. Her personal work is fueled by a fascination with the physics and philosophy of social psychology. 

Her current body of work explores the organic development and deconstruction of identity through internal and external tensions.

Viscosity / vis-kä-se-te /noun; the property of resistance to flow in a fluid or semifluid state, due to internal friction

The Work & Process:

Her paintings are developed through a series of poured layers. The process informs the course each piece takes and is the basis for the concept behind the work. The form, color and composition of each piece evolves significantly throughout a 4-16 week process. 

The Viscosity Series is an exploration of how our core ideologies and sense of self develop and shift over time.

Second iteration of the series (Alpha & Omega) looks at this same process as it occurs from two sides. 

The third series (Forensics) steps away from previous work but remains on theme and is a procedural dissection of the original series.