The Work and Process

Rachel is a New York based artist and art director

Viscosity / vis-kä-se-te /noun; the property of resistance to flow in a fluid or semifluid state, due to internal friction

The Viscosity series is an exploration of both loss and process. This loss however is not intended to refer to external ownership of any kind. But instead represents a shift in the evolution of core ideologies and the leaving behind of things within ourselves which we do not carry to term.

The physical creation of the work is demonstrative of the artist's intention—or destruction of being, through creation. The work is developed through a series of poured layers and varnishing which allows the concentration of pigment and the mixing of contrasting viscosities to settle naturally. Each subsequent layer is based on the information created previously. In the final stages, an outline is drawn over top of the paint and varnish defining the cells and exhuming the central form.

The form, color and composition of each piece evolves significantly throughout a 4-12 week process.